Pioneer Midwest


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Stone Grind Basics and Detailed Information

Skate Grinds:

  • SC0: 10F and colder, Cold squeaky snow, Green waxes only
  • SC1: 5F-25F Cold Universal for transformed snow, Green-Blue range
  • SC2: 15F-40F Warm Universal for transformed conditions, Blue-Violet range
  • SC2N: 15F-35F Warm Universal grind for medium moisture and new sharp snow
  • SC3: 28+ Our wet snow grind, old snow 28F+ and natural snow 35F+

Classic Grinds:

  • CL1: 20F and colder, all snow types
  • CL2: 10-40F, Universal classic structure
  • CL3: 28F+, Warm snow, klister grind

Additional Ski Services:

  • Basic Thermo Box: Base cleaning, use of a hotbox-specific wax (melt point 50ºc) for one cycle in the Tazzari thermo box - $20
  • Base Hardening: Hardening specific wax ironed in at a moderate temperature to condition bases for hard wax use - $25