Saturday time slots are booked, but we will still have equipment available on Sunday on a first come first serve basis starting at 11am. We've received a record amount of inventory this year, including both used gear and new closeout options!

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This year's annual ski swap admission will be based on a time slot system for Saturday 11/11, and on a first come first serve basis for Sunday 11/12. We will have 25 time slots every half hour starting at 8 am and we request that groups be kept to a maximum of 6 people. Sign-up for time slots will open on 10/30 at 12 p.m. There will be a link posted on this page for time slot signup. Equipment drop-off will also be spread out over a longer period to avoid crowding in the shop beginning November 1st, it is best to avoid weekend drop-off if possible as wait times will be significantly longer. Location is at our shop: 415 Country Road 81 Osseo MN 55369

  • 10/30: 12pm Time Slot Sign-Up Opens - Link will be posted here
  • 11/1: Item Check-in begins
  • 11/11: 8am - 5pm Ski Swap (Time Slots)
  • 11/12: 11am - 4pm Ski Swap (First Come First Serve)
  • 12/1: 3pm Unsold items must be picked up or they will be donated


We have a large selection of both used and new cross-country ski equipment. We have additional staff and ski experts working at this event to make sure that everybody receives help fitting skis, boots, and other equipment. 

High School and Middle School Skiers - Key Information to know:

  • Coach preference for classic skis: Waxable -OR- Skin
  • Skier weight, height, and shoe size.
  • Be mindful that some used skis may have SNS bindings that are not compatible with most boots.*
  • It should be noted that this year there will be no SNS boots available for sale at the swap. 

*Skis can still be converted to work with NNN/Prolink/Turnamic binding systems.

New and Touring Skiers -

  • Intended use for skis (i.e. groomed trail, lakes, bushwacking.)
  • Preference for classic skis: Waxable, Skin, or Fishscale. 
  • Learn a little more about ski packages, and getting into the sport on our website!


Drop off

Beginning November 1st, drop-off will be weekdays at the shop during regular store hours.

Items being dropped off must be accompanied by our item drop-off form. All of the fields on the form can be typed before printing.

*We ask that if possible you avoid weekend drop-off of items due to the large number of people in the store at this time of the year. Please be patient if this is the only time you are able to drop your swap items!

What equipment are we accepting?

We will accept newer cross country skis, boots, poles, clothing and other miscellaneous cross country specific equipment. Below is a guideline of what equipment we will accept for sale at the swap. Our goal with the swap is to help introduce the sport of cross country skiing to new participants and we want to make sure that the equipment they are getting is of decent quality.

  • Skis – skate, classic, and touring skis. No backcountry skis, only modern bindings allowed (SNS or NNN).
  • Boots – NNN/Prolink skate, classic, and combi boots. No SNS boots will be accepted.
  • Poles – We will be accepting all composite and carbon poles with hand straps. Poles with basic loop straps typically have very little resale value.
  • Bindings – if you have loose NNN/Prolink/Turnamic bindings you may sell those. No SNS bindings will be accepted for sale.
  • Clothing – clean, good condition cross country-specific clothing, hats, and gloves will be accepted. If it looks like your dog has been wearing it for a few years, leave it at home.
  • Rollerskis, wax, wax tools, ski bags will be accepted.
  • No alpine or snowboard equipment will be accepted.

Pricing your items

Generally, year-old equipment in good condition can be sold for about 50% of what was originally paid. Two-year-old or more equipment in good condition can be sold for about 30-40% of what was originally paid. If you’re unsure of what to price your equipment, our staff can help you determine a price.

Service Fee

A service fee of 5% of the selling price will be applied to all sales that are being paid out to in-store credit. You may also opt for a check payout, where a service fee of 15% of the selling price will be applied. In-store credit will be issued as a deposit on your store account on Monday, November 13th after the swap, checks will be mailed.

Pick up of unsold items

Emails will be sent after the swap to let you know if you have any unsold items to pick up. Unsold items must be picked up by Friday, December 1st before 3:00pm. Unsold items not reclaimed by Friday, December 1st will be donated.

We are limiting ski purchases to 4 pairs of used skis per person to allow availability for all customers***