Switching your Ski Pole Tips

Switching your Ski Pole Tips

Making the switch from snow baskets to summer tips? We go over the different methods to get your poles ready for whatever season you are headed into.


We are happy to swap your ski pole tips here at the shop, but if you aren't nearby it is easy to make the switch whether you are transitioning to summer roller skiing or winter skiing. 

The best method for changing glue on style pole tips is to use a heat gun to soften the hot glue that holds the basket on the pole. You may have enough glue left on your pole to hold the new ferrule or basket on, but it doesn't hurt to add a little bit more.  

Newer style Swix screw on baskets are easy to swap out with the thread on TBS collar. Simply thread the collar counterclockwise and pull off the basket, slide the new ferrule or basket on making sure that the curve of the tip matches the curve of the pole handle. Thread the collar clockwise back over the basket securely and you are ready to go!

The two main types of ferrules are as follows:

Glue on roller ski ferrules

T.B.S. screw on roller ski ferrules