Rottefella Move Switch Binding Tutorial and Information

Rottefella Move Switch Binding Tutorial and Information

The MOVE Switch is the original moveable binding that allows you to adjust your binding position on the fly. We talk about the best applications and how they work.


The MOVE Switch binding offers skiers the ability to easily adjust the position of the binding on the ski on-the-go.  The primary purpose of the MOVE Switch is to fine-tune the performance and handling of the ski based on individual preferences, skiing style, and snow conditions. By adjusting the binding position, skiers can optimize the balance, stability, and maneuverability of their skis.

The adjustment mechanism is user-friendly and involves a lever or dial located in front of the binding. By activating the lever or dial, the binding can be unlocked and moved along a track on the ski which gives the skier different performances. Once the desired position is set, the binding is locked back into place.

Rottefella interviews Matt Liebsch on the Move Binding for Seely Hills and The Birkie

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