Stoneground Skis Next Steps

Stoneground Skis Next Steps

Just got your skis ground? We run through the next steps to get the most out of your fresh stonegrind.

Best Practices After you get your Skis Stoneground

1. Clean the groove with a groove pen then scrape off the base hardener from the skis using a sharp plastic scraper. 

2. Use a soft bristled metal brush (soft steel or brass/bronze) to remove the remaining wax from the newly cut structure.

3. Apply a layer of blue or violet wax at the temperature provided on the package, be careful while applying and move your iron quickly on your fresh base material. In severely cold conditions it will help to carefully apply an additional layer of green wax before skiing.

5. After scraping and brushing the blue/violet application your skis are ready to ski on.

4. The first few times you use your skis after a grind it is important to get wax into them after you ski them. Until you build a base of wax, the adhesion and durability will not be as good.

5. It is best to minimize skiing duration the first few outings after a grind if possible; freshly ground skis are susceptible to more damage/drying out than skis that have seen years of wax application.

- If you are unable to do this or are planning to race on a fresh grind, you can easily build durability by working your way from Violet to Blue to Green wax and applying 2 coats of each and letting them cool in-between.

6. After multiple ski/wax cycles continue to build colder wax into the bases, within a few outings you should be getting the max speed and performance out of your newly ground skis!

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