At Pioneer Midwest we fit athletes from all around the country in order to make sure they are on the right equipment for their needs. We are here to help High School, Junior, and all new skiers with everything cross-country skiing related, regardless of your experience level with the sport. We have learned from personal experience that having properly fitted Skis, Boots, Poles make a huge difference as you learn and progress through skiing. Whether you are in-store or remote we have tools that we use to test you skis for fit and performance in order to guarantee what you are getting will work. For all junior/high school athletes we offer 10% off package pricing to help lower the cost of getting all set up to go! 

Below are some packages we have set-up in order to offer the best value at a couple different performance levels. You can also get a package printout here!

Skate Entry Level Package: $499+ 
Salomon RS7 Skate Ski w/Prolink Binding
Salomon R/Prolink Combi Boots
Swix Dynamic 3 Poles

Classic Entry Level Package: $499+
Salomon RC7 Skin Ski w/Prolink Shift Binding or Rossignol Delta Skin Ski
Salomon RC7 Boots
Swix Dynamic 3 Poles

Two Ski Entry Package: $725+
Salomon RS7 Skate Ski
Salomon RC7 Classic Skin Ski
Salomon R/Prolink Combi Boots
Swix Dynamic 3 Poles

Skate Performance Package: $649+
RS8 Skate Ski or Fischer SCS Skate Ski
Salomon RS8 Skate Boots
Swix Dynamic 1 Poles

Classic Performance Package: $725+
Salomon RC9 Skin Ski
Salomon RC9 Classic Boots
Swix Dynamic 1 Poles

Two Ski Performance Package: $1049+
Salomon RS8 Skate Ski
Salomon RC9 Classic Skin Ski
Salomon Pro Combi Boots
Swix Dynamic 1 Poles

Ski Package Printout

Binding Note: NNN or Prolink is the standard for nordic bindings that has been widely adopted by all brands. If you are a new skier we STRONGLY recommend going with this style of bindings as all boots on the market are tailored to this binding.