Brush Lineup

White Fine Nylon - A soft fine nylon brush that works great as a final polishing brush for a variety of harder waxes and powders. Final brush to clean and polish structure as well as possible. Safe to use in both directions.

Blue Nylon - Best brush for liquid wax removal and polishing. Firm enough to remove the liquids in 1 easy brushing step. Also used as a general polishing brush for iron-on waxes. Safe to use in both directions.

Horsehair - This horsehair brush is another favorite of ours here at the shop. This horsehair brush is firm enough for colder wax removal after a metal brush and soft enough to be used for warmer waxes. Preferable to be used in one direction for control or can be used to scrub.

Brass Fine - A soft and fine metal brush that is commonly used to clean and open the structure before applying waxes. Less abrasive than steel brushes and can be used for removing wax as well. Mark and use in one direction.

Steel Fine - An intermediate steel brush for pulling out medium to hard waxes. This is a common first brush for most iron-on waxes. Mark and use in one direction.

Steel Extra Fine - The brush of choice for Pioneer Midwest service, we use this as a first brush after scraping for a number of hard waxes and powders. This brush can be used too much, so keep the passes down on this to minimize the potential for micro scratches in your structure. Minimize the pressure and mark and use in one direction.

Other Tools

100mm Roto Tools - Made as single brushes and tools for use with your drill roto setup. Brushes still follow the same guidelines as the hand brushes listed above. Roto brushes should be used with care and metal brushes should be marked with a rotational direction.

140mm Roto Tools - Combo brushes and tools with 2 halves to them for quick and easy ski prep. our favorites are the Horsehair/Fine Steel for wax removal and cleaning as well as the Blue Nylon/Felt combination for top coat prepping and polishing.

Hand Cork - Used in many applications to increase durability and performance. Excellent when used for liquid waxes after they have dried to generate heat and form a better bond.

3mm Scraper - A thinner and more flexible scraper that makes it easy to pinpoint pressure in certain areas. Our preference here in the service shop.

5mm Scraper - A standard thick scraper utilized for scraping hard waxes. Better for newer waxers as it is easier to keep the scraper flat.

Groove Scraper - Simple groove pen is used to remove wax from the grove using either side based on width and edges using the crease.

Fibretex - Helpful tool to remove kickwax when used with wax remover, abrasive surface works great to clean up ski.