The camber of your favorite skis age as you continue to ski and wax them, even Jessie's best race skis have a limited lifespan.
Ski picking is coming up soon with our first international trips booked for the end of May. We are aligning our trips around peak production to give us access to the highest-quality skis across the industry; this means the fastest skis for you next winter!
Schedule or drop in for a ski analysis ( to see where a new pair of skis would work best in the mix. Now is also a great time to take a look at your current skis to see how they fit and if they are worn out ( . We use our fitting tools (here and while picking) in order to take a look at the physical attributes of ski flex which happen throughout the loading process as you kick or push off a ski.
A quick look at ski picking and what exactly it means!
Email or if you have questions regarding hand-picked skis for next season!

Coaching North of the Arctic Circle

Hannah had an incredible opportunity to coach and tag along on skiing adventures in far northern Alaska in the small village of Shungnak. Even in frigid temperatures and challenging conditions, the kids loved getting out and enjoying their time on skis every day!

Spring Stonegrind Special at Pioneer Midwest

Our Stonegrind special is running now through July 1st and is the perfect way to take care of your skis after a long season of skiing. The grinding process takes off the layers of sealed base material from the surface in order to open your bases back up. A fresh grind will allow wax to bond to the base and improve your skis ability to handle moisture.
We have refined our post-grind service in order to maximize wax durability when you get back onto your skis in the fall of next season. All you need to do is scrape and brush off the storage wax and they will be ready to go.
Our Stonegrind special includes the Hot Box, Base Hardening, and a layer of Hot Wax for storage FREE!