New Ski Care

New Ski Care

Just bought a new pair of skis? We chat about everything you need to keep them in great condition and performing how they should.

Congrats, you got a new pair of skis!  Now what?

Your new skis arrived with little wax or sometimes no wax at all.  Glide wax can be applied in a liquid or a melt on solid and keeps your new skis healthy and performing the way they should.  Waxing helps reduce friction between the ski base and the snow, allowing for smoother gliding. Without wax, the ski base can become dry and rough, resulting in slower glide and increased resistance.

Liquid waxing is a straightforward and convenient method for maintaining your skis. All you need are a bottle of liquid wax and a nylon brush as the essential tools.

Hot waxing requires additional tools and time compared to liquid waxing, but it provides enhanced durability and can increase the performance of liquid waxes when used as a base.

Tools needed for hot waxing
-Ski profile
-Groove scrapper
-Metal and nylon brush
-Wax of the day

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