Exclusively for High School and Junior Nordic Skiers

Purchase skis, bindings, and boots at the discounted high school price and automatically become eligible for our exclusive Trade In/Trade Up program.

1-year-old equipment - You receive 50% to 60% of purchase toward new skis, bindings, and boots.

2-year-old equipment - You receive 40% to 50% of purchase toward new skis, bindings, and boots.

  • Pioneer Midwest will track your purchases, so there is no need to have your original receipt to be eligible for the Trade In/Trade Up options. We will keep a record of your specific brands and models, and your original purchase price.


Skis purchased at other retailers

Pioneer Midwest will accept trade in skis from other retailers. Credit amount will be determined based on condition, age, brand and model of skis, bindings, and boots.


Tips for maintaining equipment and preserving value

Avoid excessive walking on pavement with boots. This wears down the soles and collects road salt.

Always strap skis together when transporting skis in your ski bag.

Strap poles together inside your bag, reducing the risk of pole tips scratching your bases.

Learn proper waxing technique to avoid burning your bases.


* 60% trade in value for 1-year old skis and 50% trade in value for 2-year old skis is credited if brought in at least two days prior to the annual Pioneer Midwest Ski Swap and Sale in early November. Trade in value is based on normal wear and usage. Pioneer Midwest reserves the right to adjust the trade in discount if the equipment has had excessive wear or abuse. Skis with burned bases are ineligible for trade in.  Trade in is limited to one set of skis, bindings, and boots per transaction.