Every year we head to each manufacturer to hand select skis for our customers and store inventory. We see significant variation in ski production whether that be in regards to fit, the conditions they ski best in, or general ski quality. To get you on the best skis possible; we take down your height and weight information, previous ski likes/dislikes, and most common ski conditions in order to cater to exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are you are looking for Skate, Classic, or Skin skis, we go and sort through thousands of skis to make sure you are on a ski to fit your needs.

We use our hands and eyes like many other shops first to presort and select high quality skis, but what sets us apart is our fitting tools that we travel with to double and triple check the skis that we are taking home. Even the best ski pickers in the world get fatigued when looking at skis all day long. With our fitting tools we are able to take a look at ski quality with a measuring device that stays the same from pair to pair.

The ski production process is done mainly by hand and includes wood, resin, and a lot of heat; all which makes a repeatable production process very difficult. Each ski goes through quality control and testing procedures which sorts out any odds and ends that don't meet their standards, but these production differences could drastically change the attributes of each ski which drastically changes how they perform when you put them on snow. 

Check out this New York Times article that talks about the steps in ski production: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/28/sports/skiing/from-tree-to-ski-at-the-fischer-family-factory.html

The start of the production process: cutting the wood cores!

If you have any questions about ski picking or are wondering how your skis are looking, reach out and we can perform a ski analysis on your current skis to see where a new pair would fit in your fleet or replace your old pair. This is a free service that we provide in order to get you on the fastest skis available next season, if you decide against buying your handpicked skis we will put them into our store inventory.

Again this year we will be grinding and prepping each of our hand-picked pairs of skis in order to guarantee the highest structure quality for your new pair. Check out our blog here for more details on why we choose to grind even brand new skis!

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