Structure Tool Guide

Structure Tool Guide

The top structure tools we use for our racing service and which conditions they run best in. Structure is a simple addition to your service box that can make big improvements in ski speed.

Our Top Tools

Course - This is a very safe and reliable structure tool for boosting performance in a wide range of wet and transformed snow conditions. We have often used it successfully in moderate cold when there is a lot of old snow. You can adjust your pressure on the tool to increase or decrease the imprint.

0/-6 - This is a broadly universal new snow/high humidity structure for a wide range of temps, extending a bit out of the 0/-6 range.

2mm Linear - Our most common "boost' to add moisture tolerance to other structure tools. works well with Course or 0/-6, as well as other tools. A simple linear structure that works well when there is glazing in the tracks as well.

+5/-5 Skra - This is a high humidity structure tool for fine snow crystals and "tight" glazing track surfaces, conditions suck as rain falling on powder or a wide range of zero classic conditions. This is the ONLY structure tool that we regularly run in multiple passes with good results, often 2-3 passes improve ski speed when the snow is very wet.

-5/-15 - One of the most versatile cold snow structure tools that we have used, excellent in a variety of cold conditions. On transformed or manmade snow it can be used in conjunction with Course for great results. Also can be paired with the 2mm Linear when you have slightly more moisture in the snowpack.

Full Lineup

+15/-5 X-Mas Tree Warm - This tool is used in warm new snow conditions where a lot of moisture is present. Generally used in softer conditions or powder over hard track, this is the warmest new snow tool in the Red Creek lineup.

0/-10 X-mas Tree Medium - A mid-range chevron shape structure that skis best in higher moisture conditions where glazing is present. We have had the best results when used in transformed and manmade conditions in the temperature range.

-5/-20 Extra Fine - This is the coldest tool in the lineup of Red Creek structure tools. This tool has excellent success in frigid conditions where most other tools struggle. An extremely fine crossing structure, this tool can be pressed once for reduced friction in a variety of snow types when temps are below -5.

1mm Linear - A simple linear structure that can be used to warm up other structures or used on its own as a bump in newer snow conditions. This tool is a finer version of the 2mm and works well to minimize friction in fine snow.

X-Course - This tool is the warmest of the lineup and is used specifically in warm and wet conditions. We have had the best results when using this tool in transformed and manmade snow. Similar to the Course tool, the depth of the imprint can be changed based on the amount of pressure applied.

Groove Riller - This tool is specific for single groove skis to help manage moisture and speed up skis in all conditions, especially softer snow. When loose snow fills the groove it prevents moisture buildup in a similar manner as the rest of your ski base.