Northstar canoes are designed in Minnesota by Ted Bell and handmade just up the road in Princeton. Many of the popular canoe models in the Northstar lineup feature a shouldered flare design that provides an incredibly stable platform compared to other popular composite canoe brands on the market.

Below are a few of the most popular models that we sell here at Pioneer Midwest with a side by side comparison to figure out which model is right for you. We always have a number of canoes in stock but can also special order any models that you may not see in stock. Since we are so close to production it is easy to get a new canoe on the production schedule.

Northwind 18: The Northwind 18 offers the same stability as the flagship Northwind 17, but with extra space for added comfort. Perfect for a third member or the family dog, it eliminates the need to debate bringing gear.

Northwind 17: A top-performing tandem tripper. Incredibly maneuverable, yet stable. Recognized as the most seaworthy but also efficient canoe. Experience the excitement of riding the waves when others are stuck in the wind.

Northwind 16: The Northwind 16 canoe is the perfect choice for paddling enthusiasts who crave versatility and reliability. Whether you enjoy day trips or extended adventures, fishing or navigating through light rapids, or paddling with a partner or going solo, the Northwind 16 is designed to meet your needs.

Polaris: The Polaris accelerates rapidly and provides an engaging paddling experience. Experienced paddlers praised its predecessor's performance, inspiring our company name. Being our narrowest tandem, the Polaris is perfect for solo paddling from the center seat.

Northwind Solo: The NW Solo canoe is perfect for various water conditions. Whether on lakes, rivers, or rapids, this canoe excels. Its high volume design and low sheer line provide a smooth paddling experience. Canine companions often join as friendly crewmates.

Magic: The seamless connection between an experienced paddler and the Magic is truly mystical. This quiet, fast, and seaworthy kayak effortlessly navigates open lakes, handling wind and waves with ease. Visualize your destination on the water, and let the Magic transport you there.

Trillium: An all-purpose canoe with a performance oriented hull for those who desire to paddle across lakes and rivers. It smoothly moves through open water and navigates wave trains effortlessly. The Trillium is a compact version of the widely acclaimed Northwind Solo.


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